Help another LCI candidate

fortman 2
Laura Fortman, LCI-endorsed Democrat running in MS-13.

5 minutes + $5 will boost a critical “Spotlight” race

Friends, we have another opportunity to make a difference RIGHT NOW for a candidate we’ve endorsed. All it takes is 5 minutes and $5.

Laura Fortman is running for Maine Senate against Republican Dana Dow in District 13. This has been tagged by the national DLCC as a “Spotlight Race,” meaning it’s a critical race to win if we want to flip the Senate from red to blue. (And we do!) Laura is a superb candidate who will be a fantastic asset to our cause. And because she is running a Clean Election campaign, she has an urgent request.

Laura needs 93 more $5 contributions by June 20 in order to maximize her drawdown from the Clean Election Fund. Normally she’d have till October to do this, but a drafting error in the funding legislation cut the collection period this year by five months, and everyone running a clean campaign is being squeezed.We can help Laura get the funds she needs to win. Here’s how:

  • Go to
  • Hit the button that says “Make a Qualifying Contribution.”
  • Fill in your address, and up will pop all the candidates running in your district.
  • Look for Laura, and follow directions to give her $5.

While you’re at it, look for our other endorsed candidates who are also running clean campaigns – Mick Devin, Jeff Evangelos, Chloe Maxmin, and Jason Putnam – they might be in your district, too!

You can only give once to each candidate. This is a great way to keep big money out of politics and let the good guys win. Please, if you can help, do it today!

Thank you.

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