Calling all Indivisibles: Jobs large and small

Nigel sticking out tongue
Nigel wants YOU to help stamp out Trumpism

In keeping with our theme of “doing what we can with what we have”:

LCI has a lot of fun and important work to do beyond the usual phone calls and letters to the editor (though we need those, too; please keep them coming). There’s more work than the Steering Committee can handle alone, and some good things are not getting done. Please look over this list and consider taking on one or two of these projects. You don’t have to work alone; we’re looking for leaders to take ownership. Your country will thank you.

Unless otherwise indicated, contact Kate or Zev for more information. We also will thank you!

Electoral jobs

  • Join Laura Fortman’s canvassing team. Consider two voters: one we connect with in person and one we don’t. The voter we connect with is 17% more likely to vote for Laura. Canvassing for Laura is the single most important thing we can do to retake the Maine Senate, and it’s easy. Teams of two (one driver, one talker) go out most Sunday afternoons from 1-4pm. The turf and training are exceptionally well organized. Contact Jan John to join the team. Tell her Indivisible sent you!
  • Quarterback our support for Jared Golden in the 2nd District. Contact Indivisible’s New England Regional Organizer, Marguerite Suozzo-Gole, to find out what they need, then let’s figure out together how to proceed.
  • Organize a workshop in active listening. Inquire with the Maine Democrats, who used to offer such training (start with Chris Johnson). Active listening is the most important skill we can use when canvassing. Also useful in life, I’m told.

Resistance jobs

  • Call. Collins. Every. Day. She’s not hearing from us about the Kavanaugh apppointment. Let’s change that. (202) 224-2523.
  • Find someone with a compelling story that might get Collins’s attention on SCOTUS. We’re told that she listens to personal stories, not so much to canned talking points. The story might involve abortion, women’s health, worker rights, or some other area that Kavanaugh has trampled with his reactionary opinions. Help that person write up their experience as an LTE or letter to Collins.
  • Monitor and keep us apprised of actions we might want to join.
  • Host a “Families Belong Together Community Cookout” the weekend of August 4-5. Bring together friends, family, and neighbors to raise money and help migrant families get out of detention and reunited with their children. More info here.
  • Organize a training session in direct action (aka nonviolent resistance). Marie Follayttar Smith of Mainers for Accountable Leadership has said that they would consider arranging a training just for us if enough people express interest. Knowing the dos and don’ts of protesting becomes more important as the electorate gets angrier.
  • Take charge of the “Stop Kavanaugh bus project” – for lack of a better name at present. Research what it would cost us to charter a bus (with a working restroom and an experienced driver!) to go to D.C. whenever the Kavanaugh hearings begin. We hope a million people will surround the Capitol. Reach out to other Indivisibles and to our regional organizer Marguerite to see if we can coordinate efforts.

Communication jobs

  • Find out which King and Collins staffers cover which issues, so that when the need arises we contact the right person. This increases our gravitas and amplifies our voice.
  • Monitor the press to see if there are any reporters who write knowledgeably or sympathetically about our issues. Those are the people we want to send our press releases to. Tell Sharon Gordon, who heads our press team, what you find.
  • Lead a social media team. Put together a digital group of friends who commit to repost and share our content on other networks.
  • If you enjoy writing and organizing information, you could take over our newsletter. It currently comes out when I have time and remember to do it, but properly it should be issued weekly. The Steering Committee would feed you content, and of course you’d be welcome to suggest your own.
  • Suggest speakers you think might be of interest at general meetings.
  • Be LCI’s statement coordinator. Every time the current maladministration perpetrates an especially great horror upon our nation or state, LCI could issue a statement noting what we think of their action and how it diverges from our values. These statements would go out to social media and occasionally to the press.
  • Be a letter wrangler. Gently lead others in writing letters to the editor, and keeping track of them all. Maybe conduct a workshop in how to do it.
  • Be the go-to-person for talking points. Whenever we visit an elected official, write LTEs, or attend a rally it’s useful to have an easy-to-scan list of talking points for the issue at hand. There’s too much material on line; we need a good editor to research, distill, and post talking points when requested.
  • Be a documentarian. Take pictures or video at any or every event, even boring meetings. We need your content! Pictures make everything more compelling when we go to get the word out.

Technical jobs

  • Turn this list into a google doc with space for people to sign up and contact info. Link it to our Facebook page and this website.
  • If you have deep knowledge of the inner workings of social media, help Kate get unbanned from Facebook. It’s a long story. Contact her here.
  • Update the LCI member spreadsheet.
  • If you have access to two mics and a PA system, help us amplify our general meetings so that people don’t have to strain to hear.
  • If you have experience with Blockchain or similar technology, help us with our digital security.
  • Help Kate improve the LCI website, currently in beta phase.
  • If you see ways that we could streamline our work, or communicate more effectively, or store information better, consider stepping up to be LCI’s tech guru. We are doing the best we can with what we have but I know that “better” is out there!

Outreach jobs

  • Monitor other Indivisible groups online. If you see something interesting going on, tell us about it.
  • Attend a nearby Indivisible meeting so you can see more of what they’re up to and bring their best practices back to us. Nearby groups include Midcoast, Boothbay, Sagadahoc, and Belfast. If you find others you get bonus points.
  • Put together a “youth outreach” delegation and head down to Portland for a weekly meeting of the Democratic Socialists of America. Their meetings are bristling with young energy. Say hello from us older folks and see what they’re up to. Maybe we can work together, and we can certainly learn from them.

Fun jobs

  • Bake a cake for the general meeting. Cookies and cupcakes are good, too.
  • Be our greeter. Stand by the entrance and greet people, ask if they’re new, and make them feel welcome. Explain how our meetings run. Encourage them to sign in, point out the donation jar, ask them to stay for cake.
  • Manage the sign-in process at meetings. We don’t need to collect contact info over and over and over, but we do need it for new people and we do want to know who comes to meetings. It would be helpful if someone would take over this process.
  • Lead a meeting, or be the timekeeper, or be the flipchart recorder. Everyone who wants to should get a chance to participate.
  • Organize an LCI “progressive dinner” (get it? heh) so we can socialize and enjoy each other without any one person doing too much work.
  • Think up other ways we can take care of ourselves and build community.

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