She’s not listening. Time for some pointed LTEs.

She’s not listening to our letters and phone calls, but bad publicity scares the daylights out of Senator Collins and her staff. Time for some pointed letters to the editor about her craven hypocrisy on Brett Kavanaugh – but we have to act fast, as in TODAY

The Republican Senate is intent on ramming through Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. Our own Susan Collins is a critical vote. It is incumbent on all of us to create a blizzard of opposition letters to the editor over the next week. Please commit to writing at least one letter, starting today. 

There are a number of themes these letters might take. Pick one from below that speaks most to you. If you have a personal story, include it. Keep the letters below 300 words if possible. Send the letters to one or more of the media listed here.

Please don’t be shy, and don’t leave this to others. Need help with a draft? Send it to Nigel Calder – He will be glad to assist, but you need to first create the draft: this must be your letter, not his!

Media links:

When you’re done, send a copy of your letter to Lincoln County Indivisible:

margaret chase smith with captionTalking points about Brett Kavanaugh:

  • Roe versus Wade (the right of a woman to control her own body and to haveaccess to safe and legal abortion)
  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Environment, worker’s rights, consumer protection, net neutrality, voting rights
  • The President and the rule of law
  • GOP hypocrisy
  • The will of the people.

Read the full talking points here.


And we write more letters.

As we near the election, there will be other issues that need a similar response. Beginning Thursday, September 13th, we will hold a weekly letter-writing get together with Nigel at the home of Kate Josephs & Mike Herz (29 Water Street, Damariscotta), 10 am. Please put this in your calendars.

happy typists


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