Today’s Portland vigil is the most important in the country, says Ben Wikler of MoveOn.

“Furious about Kavanaugh?” says Wikler. “Don’t just sit there. We need your power. The truth is, there’s a LOT you can do. We may only have four days until the final vote, and your voice is needed now.

“What’s next with Kavanaugh? On Wednesday, McConnell sets wheels in motion by filing for cloture. Senate rules require an intervening day before cloture vote—so that vote will be Friday. Then 30 hours of debate & final confirmation vote as soon as Saturday night. Time is SHORT.

“So, what can you do? How can you help? First, VIGILS WEDNESDAY NIGHT. Nationwide. 64 so far & growing fast. Find one here, or register a new one: .

“The most important Kavanaugh vigil is the one planned in Maine. Make it big enough that Susan Collins sees it in the paper. Starts at 4:30pm, at 1 Temple St in Portland. Know anyone in Maine? Go to the event’s Facebook page and invite them here.”

Mike and I are going and have room in the car. If you need a ride contact

Other actions

From Suit Up Maine: Check out Seven Reasons to Vote No on Kavanaugh, which includes Kavanaugh’s top 10 lies under oath. Use these when you call and email Sen. Collins today. And if you have friends or family in Alaska or Arizona, please share this with them and urge them to call Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Jeff Flake, who are also undecided.

  • Contact Sen. Collins by EmailFacebook, or Twitter.
  • Send Sen. Collins a hand-delivered letter via Herd on the Hill/Stamps Licked.
  • Call Sen. Collins: Augusta: (207) 622-8414; Bangor: (207) 945-0417; Biddeford: (207) 283-1101; Caribou: (207) 493-7873; Lewiston: (207) 784-6969; Portland: (207) 780-3575; or DC: (202) 224-2523.

There are also several events in the next few days to oppose Kavanaugh:

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