communications jobs

  • Find out which King and Collins staffers cover which issues, so that when the need arises we contact the right person. This increases our gravitas and amplifies our voice.
  • Monitor the press to see if there are any reporters who write knowledgeably or sympathetically about our issues. Those are the people we want to send our press releases to. Tell Sharon Gordon, who heads our press team, what you find.
  • Lead a social media team. Put together a digital group of friends who commit to repost and share our content on other networks.
  • If you enjoy writing and organizing information, you could take over our newsletter. It currently comes out when I have time and remember to do it, but properly it should be issued weekly. The Steering Committee would feed you content, and of course you’d be welcome to suggest your own.
  • Suggest speakers you think might be of interest at general meetings.
  • Be LCI’s statement coordinator. Every time the current maladministration perpetrates an especially great horror upon our nation or state, LCI could issue a statement noting what we think of their action and how it diverges from our values. These statements would go out to social media and occasionally to the press.
  • Be a letter wrangler. Gently lead others in writing letters to the editor, and keeping track of them all. Maybe conduct a workshop in how to do it.
  • Be the go-to-person for talking points. Whenever we visit an elected official, write LTEs, or attend a rally it’s useful to have an easy-to-scan list of talking points for the issue at hand. There’s too much material on line; we need a good editor to research, distill, and post talking points when requested.
  • Be a documentarian. Take pictures or video at any or every event, even boring meetings. We need your content! Pictures make everything more compelling when we go to get the word out.