electoral jobs

  • Want Laura Fortman to win? The best thing you can do, bar none, is join her canvassing team. Every voter we connect with in person is 17% more likely to vote for her. Teams of two (one driver, one talker) go out most Sunday afternoons from 1-4pm. The turf and training are exceptionally well organized. Contact Jan John at janjohn1us@yahoo.com to join the team. Tell her Indivisible sent you!
  • Organize our effort to support Jared Golden’s race in the 2nd Contact Indivisible’s New England Regional Organizer, Marguerite Suozzo-Gole, at marguerite@indivisible.org to find out what they need.
  • Organize a training in active listening. Inquire with the Democrats, who used to offer such a program (start with Chris Johnson at chris@dirigo.net). Active listening is the most important skill we can use when canvassing. Also useful elsewhere in life, I’m told.