fun stuff

  • Bake a cake for the general meeting. Or cookies, or cupcakes.
  • Be the greeter at general meetings. Stand by the entrance and greet people, ask if they’re new, and make them feel welcome. Explain how our meetings run. Encourage them to sign in, point out the donation jar, ask them to stay for cake.
  • Manage the sign-in process at meetings. We don’t need to collect contact info over and over and over, but we do need it for new people and we do want to know who came to the meeting. It would be very helpful if someone would take over this process.
  • Lead a meeting, or be the timekeeper, or be the flipchart recorder. Everyone who wants to should get a chance to participate.
  • Organize an LCI “progressive dinner” (get it? heh) so we can socialize and enjoy each other without any one person doing too much work.
  • Think up other ways we can take care of ourselves and build community.