resistance jobs

  • Find someone with a compelling story to share that might get Collins’s attention in the matter of The People v. Brett Kavanaugh. We’re told that she listens to personal stories, not so much to canned talking points. The story might involve abortion, women’s health, worker rights, or some other area that Kavanaugh has trampled with his reactionary opinions. Help that person write up their experience as an LTE or letter to Collins.
  • Monitor and keep the steering committee apprised of actions we might want to join.
  • Host a “Families Belong Together Community Cookout” the weekend of August 4-5. Bring together friends, family, and neighbors to raise money and help migrant families get out of detention and reunited with their children. More info here.
  • Organize a training session in direct action (aka nonviolent resistance). Marie Follayttar Smith of Mainers for Accountable Leadership has indicated that they would consider arranging a training just for us if enough people expressed an interest. Knowing the dos and don’ts of protesting is becoming more and more important as the electorate gets angrier. You can reach Marie at
  • Take charge of the “Stop Kavanaugh bus project” – for lack of a better name at present. Research what it would cost us to charter a bus (with a working bathroom and an experienced driver!) to go to D.C. whenever the Kavanaugh hearings begin. We’d like a million people to surround the Capitol. Reach out to other Indivisibles and to Marguerite to see if we can coordinate efforts.