tech jobs

  • Turn this jobs menu into a google doc with space for people to sign up and contact info. Link it to our Facebook page and this website.
  • If you have deep knowledge of the inner workings of social media, help Kate get unbanned from Facebook. It’s a long story. Contact her here.
  • Update the LCI member spreadsheet.
  • If you have access to two mics and a PA system, help us amplify our general meetings so that people don’t have to strain to hear.
  • If you have experience with Blockchain or similar technology, help us with our digital security.
  • Help Kate improve the LCI website, currently in beta phase.
  • If you see ways that we could streamline our work, or communicate more effectively, or store information better, consider stepping up to be LCI’s tech guru. We are doing the best we can with what we have but I know that “better” is out there!