Recent Newsletters

10/15 18 “I’m dying. Here’s what I refuse to accept with serenity.” – Ady Barkin

10/10/18 Letter writing group, Thursday 10AM

10/9/18 Gathering tonight – 7pm Meeting House

10/7/18 Flashmob 11AM today for #TeamFortman

10/3/18 Today’s Portland vigil is the most important in the country

10/1/18 Upcoming meetings and more STOP KAVANAUGH

9/28/18  RED ALERT: Collins actions today

9/27/18 No letter writing group today

9/22/18 Reminder: BRIDGE RALLY TODAY 11:30am

9/21/18 Bridge rally TOMORROW – no on Kavanaugh

9/20/18 Fun with postcards and LTES 

9/19/18 Letter writing group, Thursday 10AM

9/19/18 More urgent action on Kavanaugh

9/16/18 “Cancel Kavanaugh” action

9/16/18 Apologies for broken GoFundMe link

9/15/18 The push against Kavanaugh – LCI delivers the news to Collins