LCI Mission

The mission of Lincoln County Indivisible is to promote progressive policies and candidates in the face of the systemic assault on our core values. We stand for:

  • Defense of democratic institutions and the rule of law; protection of the free press against suppression of First Amendment rights
  • Opposition to all forms of voter suppression; reform of campaign finance laws and implementation of ranked choice voting (RCV)
  • Equal opportunities and justice for all
  • Support for public education and free college
  • A path to citizenship for immigrants
  • No discrimination on the basis of race, sex or gender identification
  • A woman’s right to reproductive freedom
  • Defense of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security; affordable healthcare for all
  • Fair wages and reduction of wealth inequality
  • Protecting the environment for ourselves and future generations through science- and research-driven policymaking
  • Responsible efforts to reduce gun violence
  • Diplomacy-based foreign policy
  • A moral budget based on these core values